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“If you’re on the hunt for the fitness fanatic, natural beauty guru, or wellness warrior in your life, this gift guide is for you! I’ve listed some of my favorites (both online and local) that will leave whoever’s on the receiving end with an elated smile. Or, treat yo’ self and add to your holiday cart. You’ll love the quality and uniqueness of everything listed. Happy shopping!”

"Fox Naturals brings out natural beauty of Wealthy Street"

Hi guys!

It's been a while since our last blog post.  Since last year, we have worked so hard to develop natural skin care products and solutions to serve the Grand Rapids area.  It's been a month and a half since opening up our brick and mortar location at 619 Wealthy Street in the heart of Uptown.  Recently we have had the pleasure of being featured in a podcast with CulturedGR + 616 Presents.  You can listen to the full podcast Here .  What are some of the things you expect as a consumer from local businesses in Grand Rapids?


Hello Beautiful

The Key To Going All Natural:

Making the switch is something that every single person will do differently. Each one of us is unique. We have different bodies — and different wants & needs — so a product that works wonders on one of your friends may happen to not do anything for you.  The key to going natural is understanding that the process is going to take time.


In order to avoid frustration, let's map out how the skin reacts to a conventional regimen, and what can happen when you switch to a natural regimen. When using a products that contain synthetic chemicals, parabens and PEGs, the skin can harbor the toxins that are accumulated with exposure. Most brands’ products are full of  silicones, and a token few active ingredients. Take dry skin for example: the common use of silicones  will make the skin feel hydrated, but at the cost of slowing down the skin's own production of moisture Rich oils. Switching to a natural moisturizer might make the skin feel dry at first but it is actually helping the natural production of oils. Or, another example: when an oily skin type uses products that strip the skin of all oil, like a cleanser with sulfates and detergents. This does more harm than good for the skin, which needs oil production for protection and hydration. Conventional skincare truly relies on the act of suppressing to make the skin feel balanced and smooth. Instead of stripping the skin and placing a band-aid on the issue at hand, natural ingredients work with the skin to improve it's instinctual functions.

Once you using Fox naturals natural product, there comes a period of transition, where the skin might go through a skin-detox. You might see a few localized breakouts during the first month of using our natural products. This occurs because natural ingredients encourage the purging of toxins that have been accumulating in the skin from your former synthetic skin care counterparts. Not to worry! These problematic spots will diminish, likely after about a month it takes the top layer of skin, 28 – 30 days to renew itself, so that’s usually the amount of time you’ll need to wait to see a real result. Patience is the name of the game here. You will be glad you did, I promise. Going through a month of a skin detox will reveal healthier and radiant skin.

Merry & Bright

It's the most Wonderful time of the year!

 'Tis the season for holiday cheer and I can't think of a better way to kick it all off than with you're favorite skincare! Whether you are looking for something for yourself or someone else, our line has something for everyone on your list! So start  feeling merry and bright. 

I have fallen in LOVE... Fox Naturals is my new go to skin care line!
— customer comment

Fall is in the air.

This Autumn, you're in for a treat because we've conjured up a gorgeous selection of goodies to fill your showers. Exciting creations both new and old offer a truly mystical bathing experience that will banish your troubles and leave skin feeling magically soft and smelling Amazing. 

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Simple, Organic & Modern

Our soaps are truly amazing; designed not only to clean and soften your skin, but also to impact your mood. Lather up to feel instantly comforted, relaxed, refreshed, or ready to take on the world. We make them by hand in small batches with herb, flower and fruit infusions and essential oils!

Pick four of our natural soaps for only $24.00. 


Welcome to the Fox Naturals blog space!  Here you can keep up with the in's and out's of our office, including new products being tested and developed, thoughts on natural body care trends, and much more!  We hope that you enjoy your time spent with us and learn to treat your mind, body, and spirit with love, naturally!